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Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

Gathering at Pizza E Birra 26012011

 Lunch time on January 26, 2011. We have lunch gathering at Pizza E Birra (pizza and beer). Me and 4 friends of mine a little bit late being there because of the traffic jam, but it was OK, since the other teams haven't ordered their meals.
There's no special occasion regarding this lunch gathering, we just tried to be together at one time because it seems quite difficult for us since the teams often travel out of town.
But one thing that made this lunch gathering becomes special was... Our boss announced we will be given bonus when we get back to the office, the greater the amount, the thinner envelope we got because it's only contain a note that they have already transferred the bonus to our account. Hurray...
Well, see you at next gathering... would it be in Bali? I hope so.. :)