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Selasa, 17 April 2012


Sauteed Spinach

Fried Tude

Grilled Baronang

Yellow NOT Mellow

That day was a usual Wednesday morning, I got to the office, turn on my PC, fix my make up and starting to input the daily reports...
Then suddenly from distance I saw Rani, our Receptionist waving a very pretty yellow roses bouquet to... ME...
What? Me? Again?
All in sudden all the employee cheering... "yea.... Reds then Yellow... awww" *Shy2 *Blushing *Speechless
Thank you Sinyo... GBU always...

 Thank You, Yes, You're forgiven.

Your Love Makes My Heart Blossom

Got this cute decoration from T.A.N (so sorry can't mention it) Thank you so much... I love it so much...
I just could not describe how happy, flatter, and surprise I was when I receive it...
Thank you for the memory too... 
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